Analisis Kinerja Perusahaan dengan Fokus pada Rantai Pasok dengan Balanced Scorecard : Studi Kasus Di PT. XYZ

Penulis:Angling Sugiatna
Bulan/Tahun:Desember /2017

An important perfomance part of manufacturing industry is supply chain, covering raw material supply chain from supplier and distribution chain of production to costumer/end user. Supply chain is very essential to support production process and sale. This research will analyze and discuss supply chain of PT. Berdikari Metal & Engineering, a company producing spare part and components needed by automotive, diesel producer, etc. Perfomance is analyzed basically on Balanced Scorecard methods including four perspectives: growth and learning, internal business process, costumer and finance. From result of data processing, analysis and discuss of them, PT. Berdikari Metal & Engineering?s supply chain perfomance was found well in each perspective. The higher score was in internal business process, which criteria of all indicators were well perfonance. While other three perspective still contain poor perfomance indicators. Keywords : Perfomance Measurement, Supply Chain Management, Balanced Scorecard