Desain K3 Pada Mesin Bubut dengan Pendekatan Faktor Manusia dan Standar ANSI B11.Tr3-2000

Penulis:Herman Ruswan Suwarman
Bulan/Tahun:Desember /2017

The focus of this research is the risk of hazardous activity lathe machine practice in laboratory of manufacture process of Departement of Industrial Engineering STT Bandung. The design of Health and Safety Risk Assessment would be needed to prevent any incident that probabaly happened in actual poor condition of the laboratory. Solving this problem, the approach of international standar ANSI B11.TR3-2000 and human factor was used in this research besides the measurement of physical conditions such as lighting, noise and effective temperature. The physical measurement showed that poor lighting (87,3 lux) and high uncovinient relative humudity (73%) in effective temperatur of 270C were existed in laboratory. Perseptions of practicants had huge gap with the standard of physical work environment. This could be caused that the practicants were unexperienced operators. Risk assessments shows that there wer 5 components that risk cannot be tolerated until new security system introduced. Based on those physical measurements, risk assessment and perseption analysis, this research designed two Standard of Operational Procedures which were SOP of Routine Inspection of Lathe Machine and SOP of Preparation and Operation of Lathe Machine. Keywords : safe and health of work, lathe machine, physical environment, user percepetions, risk value, sop